How Much Does iPhone 6 Cost?

how much does iphone 6 cost

Apple finally launched the new Smartphone in September 2014. The new launching of it is iPhone 6. The new iPhone 6 has a good design and performance. While, at this time, we will discuss how much does iPhone 6 cost and the specification of it.

How Much Does iPhone 6 Cost and How are the Specs of It?

Well, before we start to explain how much does iPhone 6 cost, we would like to discuss the special specifications of the new iPhone 6 from Apple.

The new iPhone 6 is really the best Smartphone ever made by Apple during the year of 2015. On the first launching of the iPhone 6, Apple offers 3 special colors of it. There are silver, grey, and gold colors of iPhone 7.

how much does iphone 6 cost

The body and the spec of the iPhone 6 are really amazing. It has height 138,1 mm and weight 129 gram. Besides, Apple also designs it with the build of the front glass and aluminum body. The best part of the iPhone 6 is located on the size of the body. It designs with 4.7 inches that has a resolution 750 x 1334 pixels.

Then, for the OS iPhone 6, it uses iOS 8 and upgradeable to iOS 11.2.5. Moreover, it also uses chipset Apple A8. Apple really makes it into the best Smartphone during the year of 2014. Not only has a good quality of the OS, iPhone 6 also has appeared with the best data storage. Apple offers some option for 16/32/64/128 GB for its storage.

For all the best specification of iPhone 6, here is the offering price from Apple

  • iPhone 6 for 16 GB is about $199
  • iPhone 6 for 32 GB is about $299
  • iPhone 6 for 64 Gb is about $399

All of the prices iPhone 6 above apply for the two-year contract. Then, for the full retail price, it must be more expensive than the price on the contract.

Well, that is the complete information of the specifications and how much does iPhone 6 cost on its release date. Hopefully, this information helps you to know more about the specification and the price of iPhone 6.

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