How Do I Backup My iPhone? Here’s the Simple Guide

how do i backup my iphone

Backup a mobile phone is one of the best ways to save all of your data on the phone. Through backup, you can save and copy the data on iOS. Then, when you want to change the device of iOS, you can use a backup to return your data to the new iOS device. You must be really curious about how do I backup My iPhone automatically? Let’s check it out on the explanation below!

how do i backup my iphone

The Best Way “How do I Backup My iPhone”

When you want to backup your iPhone, make sure that you choose the best method. Actually, there are two methods to do backup your Apple device that are by using iCloud and iTunes. These methods can you choose as an alternative way. However, this time we will explain the way to backup the iPhone by using an iCloud backup. For backup using iTunes here.

To make iCloud automatically backup your iPhone every single day, then you these steps:

  • iphone icloud backupFirst, you have to make sure that the iCloud backup has turned on in “Setting”. After that, type your name in the requested place, and tap “iCloud”. Then, tap the “iCloud Backup”. Remember, if you use iOS 10.2 or others you can open the iCloud Backup by going to “Setting” > iCloud > Backup.
  • Next, you have to connect your device to a power source and a Wi-Fi Network.
  • After that, you have to make sure that you have locked your screen device. Then, do not forget to check out the room or the space that available in iCloud to do a backup. When you sign in to the iCloud you will get a free 5GB of iCloud storage. But, if you want to get it more, then you can buy it from your iPhone.

Those steps to backup iPhone can be your best way to save your data. If you want to try another way to backup all of your data on your iPhone, then try to use the steps how to backup by using iTunes.

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