How to Hide Number From Outgoing Calls on iPhone 6

hide number from outgoing calls on iphone 6

For some reasons, you cannot share your phone number for all people. We only share our phone number with our family, best friends, partners, coworkers, boss, and not more than that. In some conditions, we have to call someone who does not have to know our number. To do so, we are going to tell you the tutorial about how to hide number from outgoing calls on iPhone 6 . Well, you do not have to dial *69, we have the simpler way you can do to protect your outgoing caller ID.

hide number from outgoing calls on iphone 6

Some Ways to Hide Number From Outgoing Calls on iPhone 6

There are 2 method to hide your iPhone number when calling someone (Read how to block hidden numbers or unknown calls), You can choose one of the two guides below.

Method 1 – Hide My Number on iPhone 6 From Settings

  • Go to Settings.
  • Choose Phone.
  • Choose Show My Caller ID.

It is important to note that before, the “Show My Caller ID” is on. It means that anytime you call anyone, your number is visible to the receiver. Therefore, you must turn off this part. This feature can help you in case that you need to call a famous person that should not know your number. After following these iPhone 6 tips, it means the receiver only see “Private Number” on his or her screen.

However, if you forget to turn it on, even when you call your mom, the “Private Number” is what she is going to see on the screen. It can be tiring that you have to turn it off and on anytime you need to call.

Method 2 – Hide the iPhone Number Only for A Single Call

It works if you want to have some individual calls. What you can do is protecting the iPhone number by using a GSM code. Add the code to the regular phone number, and it works to block the receiver to know your number.

  • Open the Phone app.
  • Choose the Keypad, located at the bottom bar.
  • Before entering the phone number of the receiver, type the code #31# then enter the phone number.
  • Hit the call button, and your call will be unknown.

It means that if you do not put the code to other calls, the receivers are still seeing your iPhone Number. It will be easier if you save the short code #31# together with the specified contacts. To start, change the contact’s number in this format.

It also works in another condition. If you turn off the “Show My Caller ID,” then you can still show your number for one call. Therefore, it is better to use the GSM code as above on hide number from outgoing calls on iPhone 6.

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