How to Hard Reset iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus Easily

hard reset iphone 6

Resetting your iPhone 6 does not remove your Apple ID or activation lock. However, it can be a hard decision since you will lose all data in the device such as pictures, videos, contacts, and others. This process makes your device back to factory default settings. There are some methods to do on how to hard reset iPhone 6.

hard reset iphone 6

Some Methods to Hard Reset iPhone 6

Method 1 – To Erase your iPhone Content and Current Setting

To do this, it means you are going to erase the current content and settings. Go to Settings, choose General, choose Reset, and tap Erase All Content and Settings. Once you complete the step, you are done.

Method 2 – Reset Your iPhone with On/Off Button and the Home Button

It is the older method you can do to reset your iPhone 6. The thing you must do is to press and then hold the on/off or sleep/wake button as well as the Home button at the same time. Hold for about ten seconds, so the Apple logo appears.

Method 3 – Reset Through Recovery Mode

You can use the recovery mode if you want to restore your device. It works if you never synced your device with iTunes or even set up Find My iPhone in iCloud. However, this process can erase the device content and the passcode. Below are the steps to reset through the recovery mode: (Read guide to enter recovery mode on your iPhone)

  • Power off your phone and then connect it to the computer. Launch iTunes.
  • Make sure that you press the HOME button while you connect the lighting cable to your device. Hold it until you can see the iTunes LOGO on the screen.
  • Your device is still connected, and force restarts it. To do so, you must press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the same time. Do not release before seeing the Apple logo appear. Keep holding until the device is entering the recovery mode screen.
  • The screen will show two options, restore or update. Select Restore. At this time, iTunes is going to download the software for your device. Wait for about 15 minutes. If there is nothing happens and it has been more than 15 minutes, but your device does not exit recovery mode, it means you must repeat the steps 2 and 3. Wait until the process is finished.

Hard reset your iPhone 6 is important if you want to sell your iPhone, wipe your data, or when your phone gets a virus.

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