How to Making a Group FaceTime Call on iPhone XS

group facetime call on iphone xs

Talking with 32 people at glance by phone is crazy and impossible. Apparently, Apple works to do with a FaceTime call features. You can get it in the iPhone XS in which it is the latest type came along with XR and XS Max. Nonetheless, you can also find the feature on iPad and Mac too. Okay, you must move fast with knowing how to group facetime call on iPhone XS. After this, you will connect with your friends again easily. You also realize how easy it is to reunite a long-lost friend. So, master how to make a FaceTime call on iPhone soon.

group facetime call on iphone xs

Guide to Group FaceTime Call on iPhone XS, iPad and Mac

The FaceTime Call is the feature mixing between the audio and video. Here, the user must not have or turn on the video. The following is a way to make a group FaceTime Call on iPhone XS, Mac, and iPad:

FaceTime on iPad and XS (iOS 12):

  • Open Facetime.
  • Tap + button on the upper right corner.
  • Enter the number or the name whom you want to call where you can add until 30 people.
  • Tap Audio or Video depends on your desire.
  • FaceTime on Mac: It has the same way with the Facetime on iPhone XS and iPad.

Placing FaceTime group calls with Messages on iPhone:add person to group facetime call

  • Open Message.
  • Tap Group Conversation or New Conversation.
  • Tap Avatar.
  • Tap FaceTime.

Join a FaceTime call group:

  • Open Message.
  • Tap the Group Conversation on the open Facetime Call.
  • Tap the green button to join (It is on the FaceTime message balloon).

Answer the Facetime Call:

When the Group FaceTime call invites you, there will be a notification asking to join. In iPhone XS, you can simply tap the notification button. In addition, you can also scroll up or press 3D Touch then tap “Join”.

How to end the Facetime Group:

You can press the red “X” button to end FaceTime calls when no one joins. You also can do when all users have left the conversation. However, the call remains open even if you press this button if only one person joins.

From now on, keep your friendship or any relationship in the family. Enjoy togetherness along with the iPhone XS. Learn how to group FaceTime Call on iPhone XS and invite your friend again. Let’s close the distant and tight one that is near.

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