Learn How to Get the Home Button on iPhone XS Back

home button on iphone xs

Losing the Home button is really shocking and confusing. Moreover, you are a novice user for the iPhone XS  from Apple. Just like everyone else, you must feel awkward or uncomfortable with this new look. Most people are very confused when they first hold this device. They don’t know how to unlock and run other functions. However, Apple has calculated everything so you can get the Home button back on iPhone XS. The loss of this button may be a drawback for the iPhone XS. Actually, it was not because Apple was deliberately designing it. Here, you will know some ways how to replace the home button on the iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max.

home button on iphone xs

Let’s Get the Home Button on iPhone XS, X, and XS Max Reappear

Below are some recommendations to find out the home Button back to your iPhone XS:

  1. Reachability

iphone xs virtual home buttonReachability is a feature of the iOS ecosystem that has an iPhone X screen. How can this feature replace the Home button to get any pages you want to see? In fact, you have to tap the home button twice in sequence. The trick is to simply swipe down at the very bottom of the phone. Then you will go to the window to the same height as the previous Reachability.

  1. Discover the Control Center

Another major change came from the Control Center. To access the Control Center you need to swipe down and left from the top right corner of the phone.

  1. Take Screen Capture

Previous users have to press the power button and home button together to take screenshots. Previously users needed to press the power button. Now iPhone users simply press the power button and both volume buttons simultaneously.

  1. Multitasking

To get a list of open applications, you must tap the home button twice. Next, swipe it from the bottom of the screen.

  1. Deleting Application

The way you return to the default home screen is a little different. Instead of tapping the home button to confirm, you will tap the “Finish” icon that appears in the upper right corner of the screen.

Actually, Deleting application still works but you will need a slightly different way to go back to the default home screen. Here, you simply tap the “Finish” icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

  1. Unlock the Phone

The iPhone XS replaces the Touch ID feature with Face ID to unlock. The unlock icon will appear after the Face ID recognizes your face.

  1. Wrapping

It’s been a while since Apple wants to remove the home button. However, this company still offers a number of innovative solutions that are just as fast and intuitive as before!

Okay, that is how to get the home button on iPhone XS. You can apply it to the iPhone XR and XS Max. Try it!

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