How to Get Email Notifications on iPhone 5 Easily and Quickly

get email notifications on iphone 5

There are some possibilities about why you do not get email notifications on your iPhone 5. You do not know there are a new email and no notification for any conversation in your mail app. Well, it is not your problem. Many iPhone users have the same problem that the iPhone does not notify a new mail in the Notification Center and the Mail app. Therefore, we are going to discuss how to get email notifications on iPhone 5, so you can enable the notification alert on your new email or old conversation reply that you should not miss anymore.

get email notifications on iphone 5

Before telling you about the steps, we are going to discuss what to do with your iPhone, iPad with iOS 7 and iOS 8 (iOS 8 has some changes in the app settings). Mail app is one of them.

Ways on How to Get Email Notifications on iPhone 5/5s

Method 1: Steps For iPhone or iPad (iOS 7 or iOS 8)

  1. Go to “Settings” app.
  2. Tap on the notification center.
  3. Enable the notification view.

After that, you can see the notification center by swipe down from the top of your phone screen.

Alternatively, you can enable the show in notification center toggle through the Mail App setting. Below is the step to try:

  1. Go to Mail App setting, activate Show in Notification center toggle.

By using the steps above, you will get a push notification on the notification center anytime you have a new email.

Method 2 – Activating Notify Me for Mail App

In iOS 8, it has more advanced mail system. It provides more options, and the design is more reliable for all users. However, there is no notification you can get, especially for the old message conversation reply. A notification appears if you are in conversation. Follow the steps below to turn on notify me.

  1. Open your email and tap on the flag icon.
  2. Once you tap the icon, there is a popup menu with the “notify me” option, select it.
  3. Anytime there is an activity; you will get the notification on your iPhone, or even iPad notification center.

For some people, an email notification is very important to them. It is because their workflow goes with email. Some lose an important job interview just because there is no new email notification on their iPhone. Therefore, we hope all steps on how to get email notifications on iPhone 5 can be valuable for you.

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