How to Free Up Space on iPhone 6, iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus

free up space on iphone 6

iPhone users have a lot of things in this device from pictures, reminders, games, and other things. It is important to note that all of these things can take many valuable spaces. Apple offers 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, and even 128 GB of internal storage that at the same time; make you spend more space to save what you want. Since it does not come with a microSD, the only way you can do on how to free up space on iPhone 6 is removing [Learn How to Check Available Storage on Your iPhone 6]. The quickest way to save more storage on iPhone is removing some games and apps. There are other ways to do if you do not want to lose your favorites.

free up space on iphone 6

The Valuable Tips on How to Free Up Space on iPhone 6

Before you delete any unused app, find out what’s taking up so much storage on your device. You can do this by opening the Settings app, tapping “General” and then selecting “Storage & iCloud Usage.” Next, tap “Manage Storage.” This will show a list of apps in order from largest to smallest.

free up storage on iphone

  • Delete Apps

Obviously, the easiest way to free up some storage quickly on your iPhone is to remove the apps and games you never or often to play. To do so, hold down the app icons until they start wiggling on your screen. Then, tap the “X” as the more efficient way to delete them.


In fact, games take many spaces in your device. Real Racing 3, for example, can take more than 1.9 GB of the available space while Asphalt 8 can eat about 1.4 GB. If you do not mind to delete such kind of them, you can take back more than 3 GB of space.

  • Clear Apps Content

It is true that the ‘Usage’ screen is the efficient way to delete apps entirely, but there is something you should know about the actual thing takes up space. For example, if you have Spotify that takes up your iPhone. The music-streaming app is going to 2.9 GB, but in the ‘Usage’ app, we only can delete the app as a whole. It is recommendable to go into the app and then delete the downloaded playlist. Alternatively, go to Settings, choose Music Quality and alter the Sync Quality to Normal.

  • Photo

The iPhone 6 has a fantastic camera with the little snap happy that is easy to get. It can be the reason why people are looking for this device. If you love taking some selfies, this hobby can take many spaces. Therefore, you should manage your photos.

You can stop the camera to save both the original and the HDR versions of a photo. One shoot automatically saves two photos. Break it by going to Settings, choose Photos & Cameras, and then uncheck Keep Normal Photo, located in the HDR section.

Those are some methods on how to free up Space on iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. In another page, you can find more iPhone 6 tips to improve the performance of your best iPhone devices.

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