How to Force the iPhone XS to Reboot Easily and Safely

force the iphone xs to reboot

When you need to force restart iPhone XS, the method you should do is different to what you did on other old iPhone. It can be so because this new iPhone does not have a Home Button. The method can be complicated for you like new users. However, don’t worry! To force your iPhone XS to restart is easy if you know the method. So, do you want to have the tips of how to force the iPhone XS to reboot? If you do, just pay attention to the following explanation. You can learn the tips so that you can try yourselves to your phone when you need.

Steps to Force the iPhone XS to reboot

These are what you can follow to force your iPhone to reboot.

  1. Press the Volume Up and Release

First, you can begin the process of forcing reboot your iPhone XS by pressing the volume up. This button is located on the left side of the phone. It is next to the volume down button. It is precisely above the volume down button. After you press, the release immediately.

  1. Press Volume Down and Release

After you press and release the volume up button, then you should do the same to the volume down button. Press it and then release immediately.

force the iphone xs to reboot

  1. Press and Hold the Power Button

The third step you should do is to press and also hold the power button. It is also known as lock button since iPhone XS users usually use it to lock the screen after using. It is on the right side of your phone.

  1. Keep Holding

After you press the power button, you should keep holding it. It can be a little bit longer than what you do to the volume button. Don’t release it until you see a logo of Apple occur on the display of your iPhone. When you see an Apple logo on the phone display, it means that the phone will reboot soon. After it happens, now, you can release holding that button.

  1. Wait for the Process of Rebooting

The last, you should wait for the rebooting process of your iPhone until finishes. It may take some minutes. After it finishes rebooting successfully, you can use your iPhone normally.

Well, that is all about the tips of how to force the iPhone XS to reboot for you. It can, hopefully, be a right reference for you to help you force reboot your iPhone when you need.

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