Easy Steps to Fix When Your iPhone 6s Plus Not Charging

iphone 6s plus not charging

Do judge something too fast when you get a problem on such as your iPhone 6s Plus doesn’t charging. It does not mean that the product is not quality. Behind the problem, of course, there is a solution even Apple often give it more than one. Alongside that, people who hold this device often get the condition where it does not want to turn on. Today, you can fix the issues of the iPhone 6s Plus not charging and not turning on here. Let’s reveal the solution one by one!

iphone 6s plus not charging

Find Out the Factors of the iPhone 6s Plus Not Charging

Sometimes, there is a relationship between the device that won’t turn on and the battery condition. Check the condition of the device immediately to ensure that your iPhone, not damages. You cannot turn it on because of the iPhone lack of battery. So, you have to wait for it for several times to turn it on again. However, you keep cannot do it in case the device not charging. So, you must examine it to perceive the next step. What you should do?

  • Check condition of your iPhone 6s Plus.
  • Check the condition of the Lightning Cable.
  • Check the condition of the Power Adapter.

Remember that your device is not getting wet and there is no damage to the software. Try to change the lightning cable and plug into the wall or to the USB port. You can also change the power adapter to know the condition.

Troubleshoot the iPhone 6s Plus Doesn’t Charging in 4 Methods

After you understand the cause of the problem, it is the time to fix it immediately. You may select one from the four methods below:

  1. Connect the iPhone 6s Plus to the Charger

Do it and let it turn off until 15 or 20 minutes. Then, turn it off with the press the Sleep / Wake button. If the device still does not want to turn on, please wait for an hour.

  1. Hard Reset

Do hard reset when the first method is not working. Of course, you have known what to do. Quite press sleep/Wake and the Home button simultaneously. Usually, this method takes around 15 seconds or until the Apple logo appears.

  1. Check Your Charging Device

Do on the port (check the cleanliness), USB and the lightning cable, and the power adapter.

  1. Call the Apple Support

The last option is to call the Apple Support which has an expert technician and customer services. You will get the best answer here.

Okay, you have understood what to do if the iPhone 6s Plus not charging and turn off. By the way, the methods above are safe and you will not lose your data. Avoid using the lightning cable, not MFi certificate.

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