How to Fix Disabled iPhone with an Easy Method

fix disabled iphone

It is something bad to tell when your iPhone shows a message on the screen that your iPhone is disabled and you can’t use it for 23 million minutes, for example. It means your iPhone is disabled. It is important to know what you need to do to fix disabled iPhone.

Why Your iPhone is Disabled?

For any iPads, iOS device, iPhones, and iPoud touch screen, it is possible if the devices are disabled, but they can tell different message forms.

You may get the plain “This device is disabled” message or one can find with “Retry it in 1 minute, or 5 minutes”. If we have to say that 23 million minutes are almost 44 years. It is impossible to wait for that long time.

Whatever the text message you received, it leads to the same risk. It means that your iPhone gets disabled and it happens when someone has entered the wrong passcode for too many times.

fix disabled iphone

A passcode is important to access the device and it is a security measure that requires people to enter the password. If you have entered 6 times of wrong password in a row, the device gets locked automatically to prevent you from entering new passcode. If you enter more than 6 times, it is possible for you to get the 23 million minutes text message.

Step by Step to Fix Disabled iPhone

When you know how to fix a disabled iPhone, you could not imagine how easy it is. There are some steps to do when you forget about the passcode.

  • Restore the device from backup. To start, connect your device to the computer. Launch iTunes, hit the Restore button, and then follow the instructions on the screen and wait for few minutes. Your device is ready to use. However, doing this means that you is replacing the current data with this older backup. You only can go with the last backup data.
  • This method is your choice if the first did not work. Try recovery mode if you never synchronized your device with iTunes. The risk is the same that you are going to lose the recent data if you have not backup it yet.
  • Try DFU mode. A DFU mode is more extensive method than the Recovery Mode.
  • use iCloud and Find My iPhone to erase all data and settings from your device. You need to log in to iCloud or download Find My iPhone app and open it in iTunes to the second iOS device. Use your iCloud username to log in as well as the password. Use Find My iPhone to locate your device, and do a Remote Wipe. It allows you to delete all data on the device so you can use it again.

Once you can save your iPhone, make sure that you set it with a new passcode. The passcode should be easier to remember. Alternatively, make sure that always keep your iPhone away from people.

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