How to Factory Reset iPhone to Factory Setting

factory reset iphone

Factory reset iPhone can help you to solve problems with your iPhone when it is crashing or maybe freezing, however it’s also everything that you will want to do if you need to erase your own iPhone data before selling it to change a new device.

In case you want to selling your  iPhone, it’s absolutely vital that you to delete all of the data stored on your iPhone. If you’re not, a dishonest purchaser may possibly get access to your social media profiles, your personal photos and videos, allowing those to search through your private moments or maybe gain access to your identity.

factory reset iphone

The good news is it’s very easy to completely factory reset iPhone. Just continue with the steps in this tutorial and your data safety is going to be secured.

Step by Step to Factory Reset iPhone

It’s very important to remember that the factory reset procedure will eliminate all data and settings on the iPhone, that means you will lose everything that is stored on your iPhone.

If you’re looking in order to avoid that loss of data, you really need to backup your iPhone with iTunes or back up to iCloud before, by doing this you are able to restore your personal data to your new device.

  • To factory reset your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Reset and then select Erase All Content and Settings.

hard reset

  • Immediately after entering your own passcode in case you have arranged, you will get a warning box show up, with the option to Erase iPhone in red. Tap this.
  • You will need to enter your own Apple ID password to confirm the action, then the iPhone will erase everything off it’s storage and go back to the original setup.

You can also fully reset your iPhone through iTunes. When you plug in your iOS device, you should be able to see a ‘Restore iPhone’ button, which will fully reset the device. Here the steps:

  • Connect the phone to your computer using the iPhone’s USB cable. iTunes loads automatically.
  • Click your iPhone in iTunes’ “Source” list on the left.
  • Click “Summary,” positioned among the tabs.
  • Click “Restore” to begin setting up the factory reset. iTunes prompts you to back up your iPhone’s data.
  • Choose “Back up” if you want to allow iTunes to record a copy of all your iTunes data, or choose “Don’t back up.” A new prompt appears asking for final confirmation on the restoration.
  • Click “Restore.”

Tips & Warnings

  • If you choose to back up the iPhone, you can restore it back after you reset it to factory settings.
  • Every time you plug your iPhone into iTunes and sync the device, iTunes backs up your iPhone’s data.

After you have reset your iPhone to the factory setting, it will reboot as if it was brand new and go through the standard new setup procedure that all new iOS devices go through, and can then either be set up as new or restored from a backup.

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