How to Factory Reset iPhone 8 and Go Back to Default Settings

factory reset iphone 8

Factory reset iPhone 8 becomes an interesting topic to discuss since people always search the info about it on the websites. Well, if you do something which makes your Phone error, you need to reset your phone. You can do it to make your data like videos, photos, contacts, etc. back to you. Well, let’s discuss more the ways to factory reset your iPhone 8 below.

Simple Steps to Factory Reset iPhone 8

You can reset your iPhone easily once you read the info about guide to reset iPhone 8 to factory settings. It is because you just need to follow what they ask. Well, below are ways for resetting your iPhone 8.

factory reset iphone 8

  • First method. You need to turn off your iPhone by pressing the power key. Then, unlock the phone and go to the Home Screen. After that, choose Setting and click option General. Next, select Reset and “Erase All Content and Settings.” Then, you might get the warning. Confirm the sign by entering your passcode. Then, it will proceed soon; you just need to wait until it ends.
  • Second method. Do you have the iTunes app? Then, let you make use of it. Plug in your iPhone to the computer and then, open iTunes. Find the Restore button to click. Then, you need to wait for your iTunes downloading, restoring, and preparing the software to set up your phone.
  • Third method. Connect your iPhone to the laptop or computer you have. Then, switch off your iPhone. Then, press and hold the Power button for 3 seconds and Volume Down and Power button for 10 seconds after that. Then, it is time to release Home Screen. Accept all alerts and wait till the operation ends.

Things to Mention About Reset Your iPhone

Even though you have known about how to reset iPhone 8, you still need to pay attention to several things which may be significant. Here the explanation below.

  • Data. Sometimes, resetting the phone means you have to be ready to lose your data. Those are including photos, videos, contact numbers, apps, etc. However, if you do want to keep the data back to you, let you consider of backing up your iPhone.
  • Experts. If you are an amateur who is not sure of resetting your device, Apple iPhone 8, you might select the other option that is hiring the expert. Sure you will pay the fee, but you get the guarantee for it.
  • The Apple Inc. Let you think of contacting the Apple Inc. You need to do it when you already tried your best way to reset your phone but you just even get the additional problem. There, the customer service will guide you and give you the steps to overcome your problem.

Finally, that’s all on how to factory reset your iPhone 8. Hopefully, it will be useful to anyone who indeed read the info on this article.

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