FaceTime Tutorial: How to Use it on iPhone to Make Video Call

facetime tutorial

You may hear about FaceTime. It is a video and audio-calling technology from Apple. We can say that it is one of the most interesting features from iOS. It lets you see the person you are talking to, something more than just hear them. Today we show you the FaceTime tutorial in order to making an video call using your iPhone.

facetime tutorial

The Requirements To Use FaceTime:

  1. iPhone 4 and up, 4th generation iPod touch and up, iPad 2 and up.
  2. Mac with Mac OS X 10.6 and up with the installed FaceTime app.
  3. Wi-Fi connection or 3G/4G network.

It is easy to use FaceTime. However, there are some things to know to use it on your iPhone.

FaceTime Tutorial: Making a Video and Audio Call

  1. facetime setupMake sure that you turn the FaceTime on. Enable this app by setting up your device. If you did not set up your device yet, or you are not sure, you can choose the Settings app on the home screen. Scroll down to the phone and choose it. For other versions, you can directly choose the FaceTime option. The app slider should be green/on.
  2. Make sure that you have received a phone number, as well as email address to set up the FaceTime. If you do not, choose Add an Email and go with the instructions.
  3. Note that FaceTime needs a Wi-Fi network. You can use it over Wi-Fi, or 3G/4G LTE. It means if you have a network connection, just connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi and use it. Keep in mind that the video chat needs many data. Therefore, a Wi-Fi network can save your monthly data limit.
  4. If you completed the requirements above, there are two options to FaceTime someone. You can call them as usual and tap the FaceTime icon once it lights up after the call starts.
  5. The alternative is to browse through iPhone address book. It is a built-in app into iOS, or the Messages app. Find the person you want o call and tap on their name. Choose the FaceTime button with the icon like a small camera, on the page in the address book.

facetime on iphone 7How to Use FaceTime on iOS 7 and Higher

  1. For you who use iOS 7 and up, you still have an option: A FaceTime Audio call. You can use it for a voice call, to save you from monthly cell phones minutes. You can see a phone icon, next to the app option. Alternatively, there is a FaceTime Audio pop-up menu. You can tap it to make a call.
  2. The FaceTime call is like a regular call, except the camera turns on and you can see yourself. The receiver can accept or deny your call. If they accept, the app sends the video from your camera to them. Therefore, both of you can talk on the screen at the same time.
  3. To end the call, tap the red or end button, at the bottom of the screen.

Note: If you and your friends have FaceTime, you can make a call. However, if they do not, it is impossible to do so. It works with iPhones, iPads, iPod touches, as well as Macs. That is a FaceTime tutorial, you can learn how to make video calls using your iPhone.

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