How to Extend Ring Time on iPhone 5 with Easy Steps

extend ring time on iphone 5

By default, Apple iPhone rings in just 20 seconds, and after that, the call sends to the voicemail. If you have a big effort to run your business by having many meetings, it is impossible for you to receive any calls immediately. The iPhone does not come with a choice to adjust the length. However, you can change the settings to extend ring time on iPhone 5 by dialing some series of numbers and symbols. You can follow this iPhone 5 Tips to extend your ring time.

extend ring time on iphone 5

Steps to Extend Ring Time on iPhone 5

Below is the hidden way on extending the ring length on your iPhone.

  • Turn on your iPhone. Select the “Phone icon, and then choose “Keypad”.
  • Enter the code: *#61#, and then press “Call” that will let you view the Setting. After that, you must locate the text below on the screen:
    “Setting Interrogation Succeeded, Voice Call Forwarding, When Unanswered, Forwards to +” and record the 11-digit number after the + symbol”.
  • Tap the dismiss button so you can enter the code below on the keypad:
    *61*+ 11-digit forwards to the number from the step2, and then *11 and *ringtime#. In the ring times, you can change it based on the number of seconds you want to adjust to your iPhone to ring before automatically send the call to voicemail.
  • If you finish the code, it can be like this:
    In the example here, the ring time is set to 60 seconds. After that, you can press the Call button.
  • In this final step, you will get a message:
    Setting activation is the success. Press Dismiss and the next time you get a call, it will ring in the new amount of seconds before going to the voicemail.

That is one of the methods to try on how to extend ring time on iPhone 5. If you think that it is too long for you and complicated, the alternative is to call your provider. For example, AT&T can do this for you. Even Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint can help you to deal with the voice settings by calling them or visiting their store. It is important to note that every provider has their solution to deal with the voicemail settings.

Therefore, you must understand that the voicemail settings that you do are correct. Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, and AT&T have their way on how to provide their service, especially for the voicemail settings. We recommend you to call your provider as the best solution for quick support.

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