Extend iPhone Battery Life: Three Easy Ways You Should to Know

extend iphone battery life

It is a crucial thing to know about how to extend your iPhone’s battery life. Of course, there are many tips and tricks to do so. In case that your iPhone battery is low at this time and you cannot charge it immediately, there are some things to save the battery life. The article below will show you how to extend iPhone battery life.

Simple Steps to Extend iPhone Battery Life You Can Do

Turn the Low Power mode on

Low Power Mode is available in iOS 9 that lets you disable some features of your iPhone so the battery can work longer.

How Long Low Power Mode Can Save Your Battery

The battery life in Low Power Mode depends on the way you use your iPhone. Therefore, it is still hard to estimate about how long it can keep your iPhone on. Apple explained that average person can expect about 3 hours of battery life with the Low Power Mode.

extend iphone battery life

How to Enable iPhone Low Power Mode

It is easy to turn the Low Power Mode on, as below:

  1. Choose the Settings app to open
  2. Choose Battery
  3. Move the Low Power Mode slider to green/on

You can repeat the steps above and move the slider to white/off if you want to disable it.

Another way you can do to enable this mode is through Siri and Pop-up Window. Below, we provide you the explanation.

Siri – You can tell Siri “Turn on Low Power Mode”

Pop-up Window – When the battery life is about 20%, and 10% iOS shows a pop-up warning. Press the button to turn on the Low power Mode.

Things That Low Power Mode Turn Off

When you enter the Low Power Mode, there are some changes made as below:

  1. Reduced processing power. It means the processor work slower, cannot perform quite well in games and other apps that require intensive tasks.
  2. Disable Background app refresh. Entering this mode means, you suspend any refresh in a moment.
  3. Turn off email fetch. This mode turns this feature off and forces you to check for new messages manually.
  4. Disable automatic downloads. This mode prevents automatic downloads until you turn the mode off.
  5. Suspend the visual effects and animations. This mode turns off the feature to save more power.
  6. Turn down the screen brightness. This mode reduces the screen brightness to save more energy.

Using Low Power Mode All The Time

Low Power Mode provides more than 3 hours of more battery life. This feature is great for those who do not have any problems with the change made when the low mode is active. If this makes sense for you, you can reduce the battery use for about 33% to 47% for your iPhone. It is a huge saving, of course.

If you do not use any feature as above and you want to extend iPhone battery life, you can use the Low Power Mode all the time.

Note: This mode automatically disabled when the charge of the battery goes to 80%.

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