How to Expand iPhone 5 Storage to Save More Files and Photos

expand iphone 5 storage

Apple iPhone 5 is known to be one of the leading smartphone product in the market. This handset is one of Apple’s weapon launched to make this vendor keep exist in the market. Similar with most of other Apple’s products, iPhone 5 also receives big success in the market. This phone has become so popular due to its interesting specifications as well as practical to use. It is also equipped with countless modern features which might surprise you than you might ever think. Unfortunately, not all users can optimize the function of those features.

expand iphone 5 storage

Like other iPhone series, iPhone 5 also comes with unique characteristic which is it has no memory card slot. For years, iPhone has known to provide large internal storage which often comes in several options of internal memory in order fulfil user’s need of storage. This is such a drawback for this handset for this long. To expand iPhone 5 storage, follow this guide below.

Tips to Expand iPhone 5 Storage

The absence of memory card slot in this phone also means that the storage of this phone cannot be increased. Expandable storage is something that Apple has never permitted. Even though users are not able to plug in any memory card on it, the lack of memory space in iPhone 5 can be solved with a particular type of accessory. It is a Wi-Fi-based solution that will give you extra room to play with many file in more effective way. It is none other than Kingston WiDrive. It is such a device which is included in the type of Wi-Fi transmitters which can be connected directly to this handset via the medium of an app.

This device either comes with its own internal storage or provides a card slot. Files saved in this drive can be imported through iPhone later. This drive is also known to offer additional storage around 32 GB up to 64 GB.

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