How to Enable Touch ID and Passcode on Your iPhone

enable touch id on iphone

For users of the iPhone, maybe some of you choose to use Touch ID when you set up your iPhone. When you use Touch ID than on the Home button, home sensor Touch ID will certainly give you the option to use your fingerprint as verification of authorized access to get into your iPhone from Lock and to authorize a purchase from the iTunes App Store and iBook. Besides that for users of iOS 8, Apple opened this option as a developer so that you will see it as an option only with other apps soon as well.If yu want to know how to enable touch ID on iPhone, follow these tips below.

enable touch id on iphone

By using Touch ID fingerprint, you will not only be able to use your fingerprint as security on your iPhone, but you can also add the fingerprints of people who you think is important as it prints your family members on the Touch ID. Besides being able to add a fingerprint, you must also be able to remove fingerprints on the Touch ID. But before that, you need to remember that you still have to set a passcode to use the Touch ID, because when you turn your iPhone you need to enter the access code and if for some reason your fingerprint does not work you can still unlock your iPhone.

Steps to Enable Touch ID on iPhone

  1. Go to Settings and press the Touch ID & Passcode. If you asked for a passcode for your iPhone, then you must enter it before you can access the Fingerprint setup. Make sure you have created a passcode, so you can do it at the same time you add a fingerprint.
  2. Tap Add a Fingerprint.
  3. On the Home button, place your finger or thumb. If you have put fingerprints on the screen, the Touch ID will begin to redden as whorls and spinning your finger memorized.
  4. Remove and replace your finger on the Home button and roll it around so that the Touch ID sensor can memorize the edge of your finger. After registering the flat part of your fingers, the iPhone asks you to adjust your grip. Tap Continue and place the tip and edges of your finger on the Touch ID sensor.
  5. When you are successful fingerprint reading, press Continue.
  6. If you don’t enter a passcode, then enter the four-digit password on the keypad that appears, otherwise, go to step 8.
  7. Re-enter the access code that you created earlier on the next screen.
  8. If you want to use your fingerprint to authorize the action by tapping on iPhone Unlock (using Touch ID to unlock your iPhone) or iTunes & App Store (to authorize the purchase of the Touch ID).
  9. As an optional way that you can use to rename or delete a fingerprint, you can do one of the following ways:
    • Name the fingerprint: Tap the fingerprint and then type a name, such as “Lynda’s Index” or “Leo’s Paw.”
    • Delete the fingerprint: Tap the fingerprint in the list, and then tap Delete Fingerprint.

Note: When you are in an emergency, others who help can unlock your iPhone by pressing the emergency button in the lower left corner of the screen passcode. After pressing the emergency button, the button will appear Medical ID and allows the person can help you contact your nearest relatives.

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