The Alternative Ways to Download Free Music on iPhone

download free music on iphone

Music is one of the most important things that should exist in the human life. Through the music, people can express and relax their feeling. If you are the user of iPhone, have you ever thought that you want to download the music on iPhone for free? Well, if you have the desire to know the way how to download free music on iPhone, then here some ways of it.

download free music on iphone

Steps to Download Free Music On iPhone by using iTunes

In this time, we are going to do the way how to download free Music on iPhone by using iTunes.

  • First, you have to open the Home screen of iPhone. After that, you can look for the “iTunes Store” button. Then, tap on it.
  • Second, click on “Music” button that is located on the bottom of the screen. Tap on it once to open the Music feature. Then, the feature will open automatically.
  • Third, you can start to search “the single of the week” and tap it on to open that tab.
  • On the menu of “single of the week” you will see a small sign “free”. The thing you should do is tap on the “free” to start download free Music on the iPhone. Usually, when people enter this menu they have to log in by using their Apple ID.
  • Then, after you log in with your Apple ID and download for free Music finished, you can add that Music on your iPhone list songs.

Actually, there many ways to get free Music on your iPhone. Besides you use a direct method of downloading free Music, you can also download it by using some Apps. Some Apps that are compatible with Apple device in downloading free Music are SoundCloud, Free Music Download Pro, iDownloader Pro, Free Music Download Plus, MacJams Player, Download Music Pro, Free Music Download Player Pro etc. You can use those Apps if you want to download free Music on iPhone.

Well, now you have understood  to download free Music on iPhone by using iTunes. Moreover, you have known some Apps that are compatible with iPhone or Apple device. Happy trying!

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