How to Delete iPhone Text Messages Permanently

delete iphone text messages

People have their own taste. Some of us love to delete the text messages just to make sure that their Message app tidy. Another reason is to delete iphone text messages Therefore, they consider keeping the message private through a simple swipe. Well, is that work? In fact, deleting text messages for iPhone users is not the simple task.

Many users experience something confusing, even disturbing. Even though the message has been deleted, but it can appear in the search result. Therefore, if you thought that the messages were gone, you are completely wrong. They are still there on your iPhone waiting for others to find it and to know the way to find them.

Why Messages Are Not Gone

Even though you have deleted them, the text messages are still around because it is about the way iPhone deletes data. It means that if you delete some things, it does not mean that the phone truly removed them. The operating system marked the deletion and hid them so they looked like disappeared. But, they are still there on your phone. No single message will be deleted unless you synchronize your device with iTunes.

delete iphone text messages

Tutorial to Delete iPhone Text Messages Permanently

If you really want to delete any text messages permanently from your iPhone, there are some steps to follow.

1. Regular Sync

It is important to synchronize your device with iTunes or iCloud to erase items you have marked for the deletion. Therefore, it is better for you to synchronize regularly. Once you delete a text and then synchronize your device, it means that the device will delete it forever.

2. Disable Message App from Spotlight Search

If someone searches the deleted messages in the Spotlight Search, it will show the result. For this reason, Apple allows you control what apps Spotlights searches and ignore. Here is the tutorial to disable the message app from the Spotlight Search.

  • Go to Settings on your home screen.
  • Choose General.
  • Select Spotlight Search.
  • Hit Messages and move the slider to white/off.

By using this method, a Spotlight search cannot include the text messages in the results.

3. Erase All Data/Restore to Factory Settings

It can be your next method as the extreme steps. We do not recommend using it as the first choice, but they can solve the problem. When you agree to erase all data on your iPhone, it means you are going to erase all things including your music, email, and others. This method has the same risk as restoring iPhone to the factory settings.

There are still many ways to do, such as using a passcode to prevent the intruders, using Snapchat (which is the same as CoverMe, Tiger Text, and Threema). It sounds interesting that the company store all messages on their servers. They keep the original message, and the recipient got the copy. It is because the message can be the evidence in a criminal case.

Those are all about how to delete iPhone text messages permanently. If you have any questions, please fill in the comments field.

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