How to Create Flash Alerts in iPhone 5s

flash alerts in iphone 5s

Apple seems bring high value through one of theirs best smartphone, iPhone 5s. Every products launched by Apples always achieve big success in the market, not to mention iPhone 5s. After long time after its launching, this product still becomes one of the most favourite smartphone in the market. This handset is known to be a flagship smartphones which means that its price is considered as expensive. However, it does not mean that it prevents people from buying the smartphone. It is since the specification brought is actually worth with the budget spent. The function of iPhone 5s still can be optimized of you know the way.

flash alerts in iphone 5s

People actually know that the majority of device available in the market come with particular LED indicator which is able to blink whenever user get a notification. iPhones are known to have sound notification and banner that will appear on the screen, but it never come with dedicated alert light. This condition does not merely means that you never such kind of notification. You are still able to use different option to taste camera flash blinking when you get incoming call.

Steps to Create Flash Alerts in iPhone 5s

To make your iPhone 5s can do this job you need to change its setting first. Just go to ‘Setting’ menu and choose ‘General’. Then, choose option ‘Accessibility and turn on LED flash for Alerts’ that can be found in ‘Hearing’ part. You also can activate ‘Phone Noise Cancellation’ option. The function of this option is none other than reducing any ambient one whenever there is a phone call especially when the users still hold the receiver close to their air. It will prevent the noise to disturb your hearing. Besides, you are able to control on how strong the noise is. It can be done by swiping the button beneath the ‘Noise Cancellation’ menu.

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