How to Connect iPhone to Bluetooth Devices Wirelessly

connect iphone to bluetooth devices

Synchronizing iTunes with your iPhone is the traditional way to listen to the music library. With the technology development, now it is possible to connect your device to external Bluetooth system. You do not have any mess with the tangled wires between your phone and speaker system or headphones. With the use of Bluetooth, everything is more conventional. Right now, there are many electronic products with Bluetooth feature such as in-dash car system, waterproof speakers, computers, and others.  If you want to connect iPhone to bluetooth devices, try the simple steps below.

connect iphone to bluetooth devices

Steps to Connect iPhone to Bluetooth Devices Wirelessly

Before you can connect your iPhone to bluetooth device, you need to set the device that will be connected. Follow the guide below.

Make Your Bluetooth Discoverable

It is essential to make the Bluetooth device is discoverable so it can accept connections with other Bluetooth devices for pairing. When two devices can connect to each other via Bluetooth, we call it Bluetooth pairing.

iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch have Bluetooth, but you must turn it on manually. Follow the steps below to start:

How To Enable Bluetooth in iPhone:

  1. Head to Settings app.
  2. Choose Bluetooth menu close to the top of the list.
  3. Hit the toggle button on the next screen to turn on Bluetooth.

In this step, your Bluetooth iPhone is in discoverable mode. To have Bluetooth pairing, make sure that both devices are not more than 10 meters. This helps the connection and communication run smoothly and uninterruptable.

Pairing iPhone with Bluetooth Device

So, the Bluetooth iPhone is active. There should be a list of Bluetooth devices available to connect.

Steps To Have Bluetooth Pairing:

  1. Choose the device that you want to connect to your iPhone and tap it. If you never paired the device with your iPhone, the status says Not Paired. However, if you have it, it tells you Not Connected.
  2. The screen display depends on whether it is a new device or one that you have connected before.

For a new device, commonly Bluetooth Pairing Request will appear on the screen to ask you to confirm the code shown on the Bluetooth device that you want your iPhone to connect to it. Therefore, you must confirm with the same code and choose Pair.

You must do the same thing on the other device. For example, if you use a headset, the common PIN is 0000, but we suggest you read the instruction manual to verify it.

For you who want to connect your iPhone to a device that you have connected before, select it and move forward.

  1. Once the pairing is complete, the screen should tell Connected.

It is a guide for connect iPhone to bluetooth devices such as HomePod or AirPod. Hopefully you already understand it.

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