How to Close Apps on iPhone X Easily and Quickly

close apps on iphone x

It is such a big surprise when the iPhone X comes in the first year of 2018. Apple officially launches the new iPhone X as the best smartphone in this year. Well, if you have used this iPhone, maybe you face the same problem like as the other users. The common problem of the iPhone X users is how to close Apps on iPhone X quickly. Some newbie who uses the new iPhone X may find this problem while using it.

close apps on iphone x

Did you have an idea to closing Apps on iPhone X in such easiest way? If you have not found the easiest way yet, then you can pay attention to these explanations below! We will teach you to know how is the best way to close Apps on your iPhone, especially for the iPhone X.

Just Follow These Steps to Close Apps on Apple iPhone X

Firstly, you have to put your finger on the bottom of the display iPhone X and then swipe it up. If you do that then the Apps will close by itself and you can return to the home screen of the iPhone X. But, if that way cannot work, you must have to force quit the Apps. Then how is the step to force it to quit?

iphone x force quit

First, you can swipe up your screen start from the bottom of the screen. After that, hold on just for a while by your finger on the display. Then, you have to give a long press to the screen of the iPhone X. If you have finished, then swipe up on the Apps that you want to force quit. Next, you can tap the minus icon and the Apps can close by the force quit way.

Using this way to close Apps on iPhone X, you will not find the difficulties in closing the Apps on the iPhone X. When, you have a trouble in closing your Apps on the iPhone X, please do not be panic and try to those steps to make it closed.

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