How to Check If iPhone is Unlocked or Locked

check if iphone is unlocked

How do I check if my iPhone is locked or unlocked? Apparently, you must know about the condition of your device after you buy it. It is important to do because it will relate to the usage head such as the choice of the SIM card. When your iPhone is locked, certainly, you have to find a way to unlock it. So, how to know if iPhone is locked? There are some ways to detect it and it will be here to reveal everything that you need. Alongside that, there is the intent of the unlocked iPhone.

check if iphone is unlocked

Simple Steps to check if iPhone is Unlocked

Perhaps, you still do not understand the term of unlocked iPhone. It implies that the iPhone is unlimited on one or current operator. You can divert your call from one network to another because the key is open. Key on the iPhone means a software code coming from the manufacturer to fulfill the operator’s requirements. In fact, each iPhone is always in the locked condition. You must check it before buy or use it. Here, there are some ideas to do such as:

  1. Check the SIM card

Try to change the card in the iPhone with another card from a different operator. Afterward, make a call and see whether it connects or not. The iPhone is unlocked when the calling connects.

  1. Check Settings

Go to Settings and tap Cellular Data Options and Cellular Data. If there is a network option, it means that the phone means the iPhone is not locked.

  1. Contact your operator

This solution is a little more difficult. The operator does not always tell the state of your cell phone (locked or unlocked). In addition, you must wait for the operator to contact you or you will contact him again.

Check Your iPhone with IMEI

Obvious, IMEI is the most method to check if iPhone is unlocked or locked. It merely needs $30 and you can use it very effectively. Although IMEI is cheap, this service provider keep gives many benefits and it is original. The usage of the provider is not difficult such as below:

  • Open
  • Get the serial number free from the instruction.
  • Select iPhone that you use and write the serial number.
  • Pay and the operator will confirm to you that the iPhone has unlocked.
  • After getting the confirmation on your E-mail, delete your old SIM card. Replace it with the SIM card that you want.

Are you ready to check if iPhone is unlocked? Please, you choose the best option from the offer above. See you later!

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