How to Change Keyboard Color on iPhone 5 Easily

change keyboard color on iphone 5

It sounds interesting if you can change the keyboard color on your device. If you are the iPhone user, including iPhone 5 it is possible for you to change the keyboard color for a more fun look. If you want to tell the entire world that your device meets your style, reflects your personality and interests, it is good for you to read this article. We are going to discuss how to change keyboard color on iPhone 5.

change keyboard color on iphone 5

Best Apps To Change Keyboard Color on iPhone 5

Here are some helpful ways to customize your keyboard color as we explain below.

Actually, it is a good app. It is good if you are seeking for a way to customize the color of the keyboard easily within the iOS. The app is a standalone app to change the keyboard color of your device. It comes with a color wheel just like in image-editing apps. It also has brightness level and alpha sliders for perfect customization.

To start, you must install it and find a new app icon that is on your Home Screen. It works to configure your custom keyboard. It does not come with settings or options in the Setting app. At the top of the app interface, there is a button to turn off the custom keyboard. In addition, there is a button to save the customizations. You only can customize at a time, and only one that you can save.

After adjusting correctly, just tap the save button located in the upper right-hand corner of the app interface. A pop-up notification appears so you can follow the steps to proceed.

Color Keyboard app comes with some different themes, more than just providing new colors for your keyboard. It lets you to download more from Cydia, even you can create our own.

Install it from Cydia and enable it in the Settings. Choose “Theme” if you want to select the theme. There are many options available and our most favorite option is iMatte keyboard. To see the new keyboard takes effect on your device, you need to respring your device first. There is a preview by hitting on the “i” on the right side.

What you can do with this app is you can customize it more, add pictures as the background of the keyboard by enabling the “Customize Background”, and then choose the picture that you will use. There is a different picture for landscape and portrait mode. A “Theme Gallery” is available in the Settings menu if you need more keyboard options you want to download separately.

Those are some apps you can use on how to change keyboard color on iPhone 5. You can read other iPhone 5 tips on another page.

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