How to Calibrate Battery on iPhone 5 for Remarkable Battery Life

calibrate battery on iphone 5

The demand of iPhone is high due to the remarkable battery life. Nevertheless, not all users get the same performance. It is important for you to calibrate the battery periodically. We are going to tell you on how to calibrate battery on iPhone 5 to provide long-lasting battery capacity. You can apply this method for iPad and iPod touch.

calibrate battery on iphone 5

Steps to Calibrate Battery on iPhone 5

  • Drain the Battery Completely.

To accomplish, you can start a normal use, but for some people, it is not an option. You do not want to deal with your iPhone when the battery is only about 2% left. It is great to drain the battery if you can live without your device for several hours such as before sleeping. You can spend the battery by turning on the flashlight, play a video or turn up the brightnes.

  • Leave the Device off Overnight

The battery charge is insufficient, and the device is off. At this time, you must leave it for some time or overnight. It is good not to charge the battery until the following morning. You can skip this step if you think that it is inconvenient for you. When your device sits overnight, it can drain the battery just like when you immediately plug it back in when it powers down; there is 2-3% charge. It is the fact that your device still had the battery life when it was off

  • Plug The Device Into The Charger

At this time, you must keep it on the charger for at least 100%. The longer you charge it, the more you can get. Apple explained that 100% means the expected battery life. Your device can charge more. Make sure that you keep the device in the charger until 100% and do not plug it out, not before the additional two hours. The best time to charge your device is when it is off. It is because the device can charge faster and it provides less heat to extend the battery life

  • Reset Your Device

After it is fully charged, it is a good idea to reset it. To do so, hold down the sleep or wake button that is located on the top of the device and the home button so that you can find the Apple logo on the screen.

Those are the steps on how to calibrate battery on iPhone 5 and other devices. Hopefully with the tips above, you won’t need to headache anymore because the battery problems on your iPhone 5.

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