How to Block Calls on iPhone Easily to Avoid Spam Call

block calls on iphone

Almost all of the people need their privacy in their phone. Sometimes, they do not want to talk to someone on Phone. However, there is still someone who tries to make a spam in the phone calls. If you have the same problem, then you have to take an action of block calls. For you who use iPhone, here we have the best way how to block calls on iPhone to save your calls from the spam.

block calls on iphone

The Steps to Block Spam Calls on Your iPhone

As we know that iPhone has designed a special iOS device that can help people to find and block the spam calls. Here are some steps how to block calls on iPhone are follows:

  • First, you have to install the newest iOS device on your iPhone. If you do not have any, then try to download and install that newest iOS device via iTunes or the Wi-Fi network.
  • Second, if you have installed that iOS device, then start to open the “setting” menu. Depend on your latest iOS version, you may find out the call blocking menu in the different place. Then, click to the “Phone” option.

manage blocked numbers on iphone

  • After you enter to “Phone” menu, you will find the “Calls” section, scroll down and you will find “call blocking and identification” menu. In this page, you can add a number of the phone, so you can choose between the message and the FaceTime option to change the setting of the access call blocking through the phone setting.
  •  Next, you can start to block the number that you want on your iPhone. You can start to tap the “block contact” button. Select the number in your contact list and click “ok”. Then, the number that you want to block has blocked by using the iOS device and through the phone setting.

The way how to block calls on iPhone is really easy, isn’t it? You can try these ways if you have some problems with phone calls. When you want to unblock that number, you just need to enter the “edit option” and choose the “call blocking and identification” menu and tap to the “unblock” option.

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