How to Activate iPhone 5 Without Apple ID

activate iphone 5

Passwords and ID’s are two crucial things for iPhone users. Sometimes, it is possible to us to forget about this stuff. It is not a big problem to forget a password, especially for some inactive accounts. The case is different if you forget your Apple ID or your password. Once you forget, you cannot access all things inside the devices. At this time, you may think that how to activate iPhone 5 without Apple ID is by resetting the ID. But, before doing anything, we recommend you to read this article to solve your problem.

What is the Apple ID?

If you are a new user, Apple ID is the all-in-one account to log into all different accounts from Apple, including iCloud, Apple Store, iTunes across different Apple platforms such as Mac, iPhone, iPod or iPad.

activate iphone 5

Steps to Activate iPhone 5 without Apple ID When the Phone Is Off

If what you need is to reset your iPhone 5 without entering the Apple ID and at the same time, the Find My iPhone feature is off, we recommend you to get into the Recovery mode. By entering this mode, you can reset your iOS device completely, so you do not have to enter your Apple ID. Below are the steps to get into the recovery mode:

  • It is important to note that the recovery mode means that your data will be lost. You are going to wipe away your data and reset your iPhone. If all data is important for you, we recommend you to save your data from your iPhone 5. The solution is to backup it first.
  • If you are entering the recovery mode, iTunes send you a pop-up message to notify that you are in the recovery mode.
  • From the iTunes, you can go to the “Summary” panel. Click on “Restore iPhone.”
  • After that, you can get the next pop-up message and then select on “Restore.”
  • Follow the steps to complete the process so you can reset your iPhone 5 without using your Apple ID.

After reading this iPhone 5 Tips, we hope that you have a better grip to activate iPhone 5 without Apple ID. What we can recommend to you is always to keep a backup of your data from the phone. No one knows something bad can happen in the future. If you have to deal with the data loss, there are some apps available to restore the data from iTunes or iCloud backup files.

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