How to Access Control Center on iPhone XS Easily

access control center on iphone xs

Removing one button on the smartphone turns out makes the users more creative. Yeah, it is not bad and you should say thanks to Apple which creates the iPhone XS. This latest product comes along the iPhone XS Max and XR, deliberately, does not include the home button. Then, the manufacturer changes it with lots of features or applications.  Apple has a certain way to open a control center with a bit different. Knowing how to access control center on iPhone XS is of course very useful for you. It implies you must understand it soon and the way is available below. Do you need how to access control center on iPhone XS Max?

access control center on iphone xs

Steps to Access Control Center on iPhone XS and the Other iPhone X series

By the way, the idea to open the control center is not only for the one type. Nevertheless, you can apply it to the iPhone X, XR, and XS Max. So, you get one solution for several gadgets at glance. Formerly, you must scroll up the screen to access the Control Center but now you will do faster. Okay, pay attention to open or access and close the Control Center below:

  • The Control Center will run with iOS 11 or iOS 12.iphone xs control center
  • Slide down from the upper right corner of the screen.
  • To access the notification on the iPhone X series, Swipe down (from the upper and middle left direction).
  • To exit the Control Center: swipe up or tap outside the control icon.

Actually, you don’t have to always access the Control Center. You can activate or deactivate the flashlight in a new way. Simply touch 3D or long press the flashlight icon on the bottom left. However, you still need to adjust the intensity level of the flashlight located in the Control Center icon. In addition, iOS has the Siri feature that can be another option.

It feels unsatisfied without informs or recall you about the iPhone XS specs. The Apple designs the iPhone perfect on the display, design, camera, and the technology. In general, XS has OLED technology with a large retina screen. The rear camera satisfies your hobby with 12MP+12MP resolution. Meanwhile, the front camera has 7MP which give high color quality on the image. You do not need to doubt about the performance of taking the video.

Once again, this iPhone is very perfect and support all of your activities so much. Therefore, take a action soon to carry home. Thanks for your time to read how to access Control Center on iPhone XS.  It is a solution for all.

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